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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Nifty Fifty Blogfest

Anstice is hosting the Nifty-Fifty Blogfest at Impossible Dreams. I like numerically-themed writing prompts, but never considered any integer larger than 10.

(Apologies if I took the theme too literally.)

Pity the reputation of the number '50'.
It is a middle child, used to indicate the halfway, the median, and the demi. As every student and teacher knows, 50 is poised in this middling yet crucial position between success and failure. As every employee knows, 50 is not quite retirement age, and every senior citizen knows it is not yet the signpost to the land of the second childhood. 50 cents is only half a dollar or a mediocre rapper.
50 has a smaller sibling called 5, who has more esoteric and biological associations. There are 5 elements, 5 points to a star, and amphibians, reptiles and primates (including us) possess 5 fingers and toes.

But 50 refuses to be upstaged- it manifests in geography- (50 states in the USA), and two 50s in the same sentence, 'fifty-fifty' denotes equality.


Anstice (Tizzy) Potts said...

Thanks for entering my blogfest! I really enjoyed your post, I had never thought about all the associations with the number 50 before. Loved the bit about 50 cents!

Arlee Bird said...

Interesting contemplations. I don't know how 50 Cent ranks as a rapper since I've never listened to him, but I think it would be easier for me to come up with a list of the 50 rappers I don't like than one that I do like.
Fun mental explorations here in your entry.

Tossing It Out

M Pax said...

I enjoyed your renumerations on 50. It seems a great number when you say it. Although as you say, as a score it's usually not so good.

Angela Scott said...

I'm with Arlee Bird. I'm sure I could list 50 rappers I can't stand.

Nice take onthe number 50. Well done. It is interesting what the number 50 represents, though I use the term 50-50 all the time. (I have kids. Must make things as equal as I can).

Kittie Howard said...

Really enjoyed your post. Couldn't agree more about the rapper. I'm hopping in from the blogfest and am your newest follower.

Ellie said...

Great take on the 50 theme. I wonderful how I'll feel when I reach that age?

Nifty 50 Blogfest

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