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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Call for submissions: KL Noir: Blue

I have many feathers in my cap (writer, proofreader, social scourge…). and the most recent addition is editor. Via a series of convoluted events — mainly, Amir Muhammad of Buku Fixi asking me “Do you want to be the editor for KL Noir: Blue?” and me replying, “Yes.” I am now the editor for KL Noir Blue.
What is KL Noir: Blue?
It is the third installment of the KL Noir series of short crime fiction set in Kuala Lumpur, published by Fixi Novo the English language imprint of Buku Fixi.  Previous volumes are Kl Noir: Red (which includes my short story “Oracle of Truth”) and KL Noir: White
What are we looking for?
Now seeking short crime fiction submissions of 2000-5000 words. The anthology will be published by Fixi Novo in April 2014.
What sort of stories do we want to read?
Blue evokes order, calm,and  harmony —  like a solitary swimmer in a pool. But is that a swimmer or a corpse floating face down? What price for diving too deep for answers and rocking the boat? Should you call the police? Who can you trust? Don’t just scratch the surface — go below it, disturb it. Render it unrecognisable.
What does it mean to live, thrive or survive in Kuala Lumpur, a city where lines are easily blurred (not in a Robin Thicke way…) and law is marred by disorder ? Your story does not have to include brushes with the law (but include them if you can) as much as they should be about transporting your readers into dangerous new urban territories peopled by memorable characters.
Send in stories related to crime, detective or suspense fiction. This includes police procedurals, detective stories, sleuths, revenge , heists and locked-room mysteries, etc. and whodunits and howdunits. Bullies, addicts, pimps, con-artists, crooked cops and gun and fun-loving criminals are also accepted.
When do we want it?
Deadline: 31st December 2013
Email submissions or queries to:
Preferred submission format:
  • 12 point Courier, Arial or Times New Roman. (No Comic Sans Serif *PLEASE*)
  • Double spacing
  • Number your pages on top right-hand corner of each page.
  • Refer to William Shunn’s manuscript format as a handy guide.
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New science fiction short story “Future Gardens”

Illustration by Kazimir Lee Iskander

The wonderful folk at Fixi and the organisers of #WORD: The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2013 asked Malaysian six writers to envision Kuala Lumpur in 2063. The result is a collection of six science fiction stories published online at FUTURA and it asks the very salient question:
“Is our future bright? Beautiful? Bureaucratic? Bent on destroying us? Find out with FUTURA
Three stories have been published so far and my story “Future Gardens” includes illustrations by the very talented Kazimir Lee Iskander.
“Future Gardens” is a noir-influenced and cautionary tale of the extremes a large corporation may go to in order to preserve a very precious resource in the future: Viable living space. Michael Crichton’s 1973 film  Westworld  was an inspiration and I did consider inserting a paraphrase of the film’s tagline “Boy, have we got a vacation for you!” into the story.
Another influence which sneaked in under the radar was Corey Hart's 1985 hit, "Sunglasses At Night". Streaming music while you write is a double-edged sword.

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Cooler Lumpur Festival 2013: A KL celebration of Art & Culture

My recent interview with Venus Buzz for the 2013 Cooler Lumpur Festival, a dynamic festival of the literary and creative arts in Kuala Lumpur.

Cooler Lumpur Festival 2013: A KL celebration of Art & Culture
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