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Thursday, 18 March 2010


Face like Angelina Jolie, voice like Amy Winehouse, tattoos like LA Ink.
Which begs the question - why isn't SoShy more famous outside France? Apart from 'Morning After Dark' with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado and two World Cup themed songs, 'Dorothy' and 'The Way I am'.
I am blogging my enthusiasm and await her debut album with utmost impatience.


Jen said...

Your blog is amazing! I love it!!! I have never heard of SoShy *hides around the corner* but she is gorgeous and I would have to say that I wonder why she isn't more famous because from the sounds of it she is fabulous!!

meg said...

Interesting pic for inspiration. Thanks so much for the note. I really appreciate it. I had wanted to write a story about that transition after high school.

Jessica Maybury said...

she is so hot. Thank you for the details on her, I love finding out about new music! Have you heard of Soap & Skin? She's from Austria and I love her. She's only like 19 or something too. Bitch.

Anyway, your blog is amazing! Nice template. Looking forward to exploring

Cait said...

hard to believe..she's not more popular. too. thanks so much for the note. hope your weekend is lovely.

Berlin said...

Mm, from this angle I thought she looked like the Malaysian actress who acted in 'Spa Q' or something, can't remember. Thanks for the comment, don't know who is Paul Gauguin though XD


dan Andrea said...

Time will tell when she'll be the next BIG thing! & I also believe she looks like Angelina Jolie :)

Berlin said...

I see, I'll check it out soon =) I can only name 2 famous artist. And the only artwork I have seen- Monalisa(on tv). I love arts but I have never payed any attention to any artists XD


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