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Friday, 12 March 2010

Celluloid Rehab

Famed, lie low
that's the best choice for us
Seeking escape at the movies.
For a little more
take a hike, or a cruise
Until you get stuck in the popcorn pit of deja-vu.
A well worn shoe
that has stepped on many a bollock.

Entertainment prices become
Fines; penalties paid for your observance of the law.
You want more
Than your wallets can grant.

Before you become an old man,
Gone is the first bloom of youth
When you are stuck in the same gear and pushing your pen.
Railing against stone deadlines.
You want to forget about
Bringing home the bacon.

Cast off your leg-irons!
Become a free man!
Stop living in your Ikea-furnished cage and
Bail out! Out of your depth
Life doesn't stop when it becomes stiller.

Drive your Ford to the woods
(Using diesel, of course)
The jolly robins are skipping in the green and black.
A crow and a fox perches on your sun roof.
Isn't a real panaroma better than widescreen?

(There are 31 actors' and actresses' surnames in this poem, including one full name anagram in the first verse. Can you spot them?)


Abby Rogers said...

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Poet Traveler said...

Hi again, EE Leen Lee,
Thank you deeply for visiting and commenting on my pages at:

I'm glad you stopped by - your words there are encouraging and cheering :)

I shall stay in touch. You maintain a magnificent blog here and I can see your presentational skills, but in the poetry department I suspect that we complement each other, each in our own blogs and community (I hope). I am a rhyming-poet and only occasionally wtite in blank or free-verse. That is an amazing poem you have constructed - it says much about your skill and use of narrative, and also shows your wit and sense of humour and erudite mind, as you 'hide' those actors' and actresses; names cleverly throughout the poem. Very well done indeed. You have a beautiful mind and I am honoured to meet you. :) Please stay in touch.

Jessie Carty said...

love the line " popcorn pit of deja-vu." :)

Ji said...

nice to see you in my blog,
beautiful poem,
creative blog!

Happy Monday!


Obsidian Eagle (ItzQuauhtli) said...

Boy, this was really hard, especially without the proper spellings. Anyhow, I think I got most of them:

low = Rob Lowe, more = Michael Moore, cruise = Tom Cruise, shoe = Elizabeth Shue, bollock = Sandra Bullock , pit = Brad Pitt, Fines = Joseph Fiennes, law = Jude Law, Grant = Hugh Grant, pen = Sean Penn, Stone = Sharon Stone, gear = Richard Gere, bacon = Kevin Bacon, irons = Jeremy Irons, free man = Morgan Freeman, cage = Nicholas Cage, bail = Christian Bale, stiller = Ben Stiller, woods = James Woods, diesel = Vin Diesel, jolly = Angelina Jolie, robins = Tim Robbins, crow = Russel Crowe, fox = Michael J. Fox

No clue on the Anagram though and there were some words I knew must be surnames but that even IMDB couldn't help me pin.

Fun poem nevertheless. Well done!

Anonymous said...


pissipissi baobao said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your poem! It's good to know that other people are aware of the realities of our society.

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