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Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Unlikely Lads

Set up your campsite outside the nearest multiplex my fellow bloggies! Summer is here again and the blockbusters are all lined up and ready for all discerning moviegoers-well, the ones that possess vision anyway....

We are seeing instances of off-kilter casting in big-budget action flicks this year. Despite their varying degrees of success, don't hold your breath for another studio film summer as interesting as 2008:

1) 'Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.'
Harrison Ford wears the same Feodora but he is far from old hat. A laudable, CGI-kept-to-a minimum effort although Indy maybe carrying his senior citizen's bus pass along with that bullwhip. Cate Blanchett plays a cool sexy Russian villainess- is there no limit to the woman's range?

2) 'Wanted'
James Mcavoy goes from period drama tortured hero in "Atonement" to Arse-kicking, toned-up, mentalist sexy assassin in 'Wanted'. This writer in still in post-orgas....ermmm, shock. Angelina Jolie also plays a sexy assassin..hang on, that's not a surprise...

3) 'Iron Man'
Middle-aged ladies man character actor with looong history of substance abuse, playing a middle-aged millionaire ladies man cum superhero? Not just *any* middle-aged character actor cum ladies man with looong history of substance abuse: ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Robert Downey Jr!

4) 'Batman: The Dark Knight'
(Think back to 2005, 'Batman Begins) Mid-30s character actor specializing in difficult roles cast as a millionaire playboy cum superhero? Christian Bale reconfirms his action credentials this summer. Heath Ledger gives audiences a final highlight of a brief but worthy career.

5)'HellBoy II: The Golden Army'
The villain looks like Rick Wakeman from the prog rock band Yes but no, it isn't him. Under the white wig, gold contacts and pancake stik, it's former Bros band member Luke Goss!

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