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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Halloween in Humidity

The other day someone asked to me, "Isn't it weird to celebrate Halloween in the tropics"? Which I thought was a rather bizarre question and a tad prejudiced - since when did the temperate regions stake a majority claim to certain festivals?

I suppose going from door to door in your Halloween outfit and asking for chocolates and sweets may generate bemused reactions around here in Kuala Lumpur. But when it comes to supernatural tales customs and folklore, Asia is steeped in them. Err no, it definitely is not weird to celebrate Halloween here. The safety of your body and soul  depend on it

Just kidding!


invanderkoeck said...

:laughs!: I would've thought the reason would be something OTHER than the fact that we're in the tropics! Agreed, definitely not weird. We've been celebrating our own brand of supernatural beliefs/festivities since the beginning of time here.

invanderkoeck said...

:laughs!: I would've thought we wouldn't be celebrating for OTHER reasons other than being in the tropics :D But yes, I agree. It's not weird.

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