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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Back To Work

After a few years of striking out on my own I reapplied back into the rat race. The speed of the re-acceptance still un-nerves me. A lone wolf pacing up and down at the starting line.
I don't see it as selling out but being very practical. Royalties and flat fees pay well but are always deferred to a later month.
I'll still write and publish like a demon but I'll be earning $$$$ too. Also I'll starve a little less than before.

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Ashley Ashbee said...

I've read that no one faces rejection as much a writer. I've read stories meant to inspire writers about famous books that were rejected ages of times.

What made you "reapply"? I imagine confidence in your abilities, a willingness to sacrifice and sheer love for writing are all necessary.

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