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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Life Support

Another sterotype about writers is that we are egomaniacs. It must require a modicum of pig-headedness to put yourself out there and let's not forget the bragging rights when you see your name on bookshelves and Kindle bestseller lists.

If total ego comes into your writing your work becomes insufferable, but also accept that good writing will not occur without a defined sense of self. From this sense of self springs confidence.

I meet writers who prefer to tread water and never muster the resolve to either dive deep to start swimming in a certain direction. You may have met them too - the ones who still have ideas for novels, short stories, and scripts but are still "trying them out.", the ones still sorting through their notes for the last ten years, or aspirants who still view writing as a hobby.

If  writing is intergral to you exstence it's not a hobby! Do you tell family and friends that breathing is a hobby?! Or you will only exhale when you have spare time?

Art is your life-support system, not life is your art support system.

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