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Friday, 18 January 2008

The Adventures of the World's Dumbest Drug Dealer

She tried to smuggle in 30 condoms of coke- by stuffing them in her earholes. And it was diet Coke.And her husband tried to snort it.

When authorities asked her, "Are you in possession of any dope?", she pointed to her husband.Then he was arrested for *being* 80kg of dope.

She stopped selling animal tranquilisers- because the animals couldn't pay up.

Also, she stopped peddling Special K to clubbers- becaue she was sick and tired of providing them with spoons, bowls and milk.

Her stint as a school-nurse was disastrous- she thought PCP was a brand of antiseptic lotion.

She thinks heroin is a male 'heroine'.

When she tried to smoke hash, she ended up with burnt minced meat, onions, potatoes and spices.And don't mention the cold turkey...

Since she got pregnant, she has been so excited about ,'a parent's right to smack.'

When she was asked to smuggle crack, she said no thanks- She already has one between her butt cheeks.

She asked her husband what Columbian cartels were- he said that they were football teams. She thinks they are horse-drawn caravan hotels.

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vex said...

Thanks for the silliness.

I'll be back!

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