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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Shit Ideas? No Problem!

Ideas for stories. Stories for ideas. Contrary to all those cartoons and comic strips, ideas do not manifest as a lightbulb above your head. If they did, mine tend to be of the low-powered and energy-saving kind. The rest have fused. But I don't throw them away, I analyse why they have fused and admire the dead shell of the firmament and the blackened interior. I keep everything I've jotted, doodled and scribbled down. Only because you never know the later usefulness or potential of the once discarded.

There are no good or bad ideas, according to the above book, and you can judge this book by its cover. I just bought this book yesterday and can't recommend it enough. 'Whatever You Think,Think The Opposite" is a compact guide full of tips, tricks and advice on creativity and life by the late great Paul Arden, advertising maverick and creative genius.

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