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Monday, 15 February 2010

TLCs (Terrible Love Couplets)

Romantic poetry a la Eeleen. Hallmark cards please don't cancel my contract....

Candy heart gifts and chocolate are far from pathetic,
But darling, you forgot that I'm *diabetic*!                                          

'Love Kamikaze' is one of your nicknames:
'When you go down, you go down in flames'

I care not for your flaws, warts, stretch marks and cellulite,
Because when Cupid took aim, he used an Armalite!

#4 Bella saw the fortune-teller about her fella
  Who tell'd her, 'Stop hiding your love- dig him up from the cellar!'

Bella frowned- the answer didn't please her:
She preferred that other geezer she'd stashed in the freezer.

In such matters, it pays to be pragmatic:
Don't remain static and keep the corpses in the attic.

Love life affected by the global credit crunch?
Pray, desist from buying her a $5.99 McValue Lunch!

'Love is blind', there's no separation,
An accelerated process of macular degeneration.

He finally popped the question, so why so bitter?
Is is because he proposed via Twitter?

Once I tried speed-dating on speed,
It was over too soon, so I went back to weed.

On love's battlefield Cupid lurks like a viper,
Archery's outdated- now he's a sniper.

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Rou En said... blogger here (aka writer of the insomnia post) very unlikely of you to find my blog. apparently, you go around reading ppl's blogs, leaving your comments and compelling them to check you out. how very random. as stated in your profile, you're got a MA in English Literature. i wonder if you can give some grammar tips on your blog (you know, teachers nowadays)...i'm just suggesting! not implying anything else! anyways, feel free to visit my blog anytime, anywhere.

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