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Friday, 15 February 2008

Book of the Month

"Looking For Jake And Other Stories"- China Mieville

What is it about the genre, 'fantasy' that tends to put the average female reader off? The incessant noodling on the ins and outs of sorcery and dragonlore? The lack of convincing female characterizations? The constant quests that take the heroes across more terrain and culture-clashes than an average season of "The Amazing Race"? The male hegemony that governs the lands of fantasy?

Hats off then, to London-based author, China Mieville a two-time winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, for Perdido Street Station (2001) and Iron Council (2005). He eschews the cliches of modern fantasy- no swords, no sorcery, no wizards and warriors, and no array of mythological creatures improbably co-existing on the same plain. His weltanschauung is urban, dark, paranoid and grotesque. Dip into this book and be richly rewarded for your courage.

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Gina said...

Hello to you.....

I read a fair amount of your interesting...I especially liked your thoughts about the male muscle dominated world of sci fi.....I might give this book a try...I heard his first one was great.

Spent....only a day in Malaysia on my last trip....but bought this wonderful black and white ink drawing from guy standing next to the road....have it framed and think it's just I have fond memories of my small few hours there....I loved the story about the pineapple tarts...I'm not sure what they are exactly...I'm trying to visualize them but you are so right about holiday foods being massed produced until there is nothing wonderful left in them....sometimes I think that is how the world is going....everyone just being happy with substandard just okay things....guess we individually have to choose to do something else....

thanks for reading my blog....I'll come visit here the culture vulture....LOL>>>> great stuff.


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