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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Variations On A Local Theme (A. Parody)

Here be the type of local literature poems you wished they taught you in school:

The Haunted Village

The village is haunted
Beyond the lallang fence
are graves full of old bones.
Tombs are looted
by modern-day robbers.

There is a ghostly entity
in this gutless village:
Of a girl
Strangled behind the mosque,
Violated into eternal pain.
Now she howls after every sunset.

The Constipated Village
The village is constipated.
Behind a corroded iron fence,
In use through out the long day,
Toilets are occupied by the villagers.

There is no toilet paper
in this crowded village.
The small stream behind the toilets,
cannot flow into the drain.
Now clogged up with old newspapers.

The Horrible Village
The village is horrible.
There is a head on the barbed wire fence.
Coming home from school.
kids are murdered by busy housewives.

There is no judiciary
in this lawless village.
The poisoned stream behind the mosque,
chokes itself on hidden secrets.
Spewing out the undead.

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Amarinda Jones said...

G'day Elaine

I stopped all my writing to read back over your blog entries. I love the way you think. I really like the bit out of Trainspotters when you were asked why you're still single - excellent.I'll be stopping by again for sure.

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