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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Deprival Symptoms

I did a wee musical experiment over the last month- I removed all tracks by Madonna, Elvis Costello, Depeche Mode, Joy Division/New Order, The Smiths, Peter Gabriel and Aztec Camera/ Roddy Frame from my Ipod, and did not listen to them for four weeks.
Of course, you may ask, what did I listen to in the meantime? Lots of 90s grunge, Britpop, techno, baroque and film soundtracks .

The aim of my experiment was to see how I fared( in body,mind and soul) without my favourites, and here are my findings-

1) *I will never do that again*.
2) *Nothing* (no matter how good) will ever replace your favourites.
3) I have forgotten some of the lyrics to the tracks on 'The Queen Is Dead' (sacrilege!)
4) In the pub discussion of 'Greatest Guitarist Ever?', I have moderated my stance on Johnny Marr (blasphemy!)
5) I momentarily failed to recognize the intro of 'Somewhere In My Heart', when played on 'Red FM' (She's lost control!)
6) During the fourth week, I developed a raging viral fever and was in bed for 3 days.
7) Not listening to the music that sountracked your teenage angst and growing pains is a sign of deep denial and non-reflection and should never be mistaken for new-found maturity.
8) Your favourites got you through life, to jettison them is to lose your bearings.

This writer is currently doing penance- by watching videos of her favourites on Youtube, for a start.

1 comment:

Zed Adam said...

Hi Elaine!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. And yeah, I'm quite anticipating the film version of "Cholera", especially anticipating it for these actors: Javier Bardem, Fernanda Montenegro and Catalina Sandino Moreno. :)

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